Fat is Back. Sugar is Out + Giveaway

Fat is back. Sugar is out.

If you read our previous post “Sorry Sugar: I’m Breaking up With You” you’ll understand why eliminating sugar is so important for your overall health. But do you know the benefits of eating more healthy, good fats?
The benefits of good & healthy fats have been shown to help:
• Increase energy
• Increase metabolism
• Reduce inflammation
• Improve brain function
• Improve mood balance
• Improve skin health
• Improve cholesterol
• Improve eye sight
• Improve happiness
In the past, fats have been blamed for things like weight-gain and heart disease, but now we know sugar could be to blame for things like pre-diabetes/diabetes, acne, obesity, cravings, low energy, headaches, heart disease, and more.
Health research says to include lots of healthy fats in your diet and stay away from processed ingredients, sugar, and trans-fats.
Good fats can come from delicious foods like avocado, nut butters, nuts/seeds, fish, olive oil, coconut and coconut oil, cocoa, dark chocolate, and more. And, good fats help you feel satiated and satisfied longer, so you’ll have less of a need to snack. Theyalso give you energy, support your metabolism, and are a super fuel for your brain.

Reasons we love good fat bars.

The short answer: they taste ridiculously delicious and are good for you! They melt in your mouth, are creamy and loaded with wholesome ingredients. Your taste buds will be in overdrive at the first bite. You will be in disbelief as they’re so, so good! Mostimportantly, they’re very low in sugar (we are talking 1-2g/bar!), and also have 9-10 grams of protein and are loaded with many good and healthy fats.

🌟 Giveaway is for 2 full-size boxes of Love Good Fats bars 🌟

To Enter Giveaway:
✔ Like this post
✔ Follow us on Instagram: @the.ivf.warrior
✔ Bonus: Tag someone who would love to try these #keto friendly bars!
Giveaway is open until February 24, 2019.
For anyone interested in trying these bars, you can also use our promo code for 15% off any order IVG15OFF

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