The IVF Warrior is an organization located in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to educate, spread awareness, and end the stigma surrounding women’s health issues including infertility, pregnancy loss and various reproductive disorders.

Meet Our Founder


Cheryl Dowling is a certified counsellor with a background in women’s health and wellness. Her professional experience working as a women’s counsellor and personal experience with infertility inspired her to launch The IVF Warrior and get involved in the infertility community.

Cheryl personally suffers from PCOS and endometriosis and to date has had 7 laparoscopy surgeries, a hysteroscopy to reshape her uterus, and has undergone a bilateral salpingectomy – both fallopian tubes removed. Over the years she’s done multiple IVF cycles – 1 resulting in severe OHSS and has completed many frozen IVF cycles.

Her hope is the help educate, spread awareness, end the stigma, and offer support to women suffering from infertility and pregnancy loss.